Examples of lightning passages. The rain fell as if slowly, but the lightning remained, brighter than the noonday sun. In another flash of lightning, he saw an eagle face from the street, surrounded by a crowd of astonished people, toward him. A torrential downpour supported the porch and then the bedroom flashlight shone.

What is lightning answer in one word?

What is lightning answer in one word?

Lightning is described as a flash of light caused by the transmission of electricity to the atmosphere. This may interest you : How does lightning occur. … A flash, or a series of flashes, of light in the heavens is caused by the passage of electricity from one cloud to another or between a cloud and the earth.

How about a bike? Lightning is a large spark of electricity in the atmosphere between clouds, air, or ground. … Lightning can occur between opposite temperatures in the thunder cloud (intra-cloud lightning) or between opposite weather conditions in the cloud and on the ground (cloud-to-ground lightning) .

How do you draw bikes? Bikes and Bikesâ € ”Whatâ € TMs the Difference?

  • To window is the part of the verb to cleanse.
  • Electricity is the loss of electricity that occurs during storms.

What is lightning in one word? 1: the flash of light is produced by the departure of electricity from the air: the departure itself. 2: a suddenness of competition – hope for the real bike to hit – Time. lightning.

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What is lightning and how is it made?

The bike is electric. In a thunder cloud in the sky, many tiny ice (cold droplets) collide with each other as they move through the air. All such collisions produce an electrical cost. To see also : How to photography lighting. After a while, the whole cloud was filled with electricity prices.

What is a bike and how is it made? Lightning is an electrical current caused by an imbalance between wind clouds and the ground, or within the clouds themselves. Most lightning occurs in clouds. “Paper Light” describes a remote control that illuminates the entire cloud base. Other buttons may look like beads, ribbons, or rocket launchers.

How is the bike made? Therefore, the direct voltage of 3,000,000 traveling on a line will suddenly jump over 5,000,000 volts internally & for a short time to hit the end of the line.

What color is lightning?

The unique blue-white color of the lightning is caused by the light being ignited as the electricity is returned to its original energy state. This may interest you : How install recessed lighting in existing ceiling. Seen from above, storms also produce a series of blue or red lights above the clouds, called jets and sprites.

Is there a bike color? When lightning flashes, different parts will scatter this light and show the color as blue, pink, purple, white or a brown color. … Elements in the air, such as nitrogen or oxygen, can cause lightning to flash a different color such as pink or blue.

What color is the thunder?

What is the actual color of the bike? It is almost always white, but is often mixed with another color around the edges. The three common colors, apart from white, are blue, yellow, and purple.

What is lightning phenomenon?

Lightning is a very natural phenomenon that occurs when the air above is disturbed by a mixture of a column of warm air, heated by the sun, on top of the cold air above. Read also : Lightning dragon. … The same lift causes the separation of the electric charge which results in lightning strikes.

What do thunder and lightning mean? Electricity is the dissipation of electricity. One lightning can heat the surrounding air to 30,000 ° C (54,000 ° F)! This excessive temperature causes the air to expand rapidly. The expansion creates a shock wave that is converted into a magnitude wave, called a thunder wave.

What is an electric current? Lightning is a high -speed current of only one -half of a millionth of a second. … The flow of air between centers in a cloud or between the cloud and the Earth is not the same but greater than at high altitudes. .

What does bicycle mean? Introduction. Lightning is a very natural phenomenon that occurs when the air above is disturbed by a mixture of a column of warm air, heated by the sun, on top of the cold air above.

How does lightning form short answer?

Lightning occurs when negative (electrons) at the bottom of the cloud are attracted to positive values ​​(protons) on the ground. On the same subject : How do you spell lightning.

Can you have lightning without thunder?

Thunder still has lightning (thunder is caused by lightning, and you can’t get thunder without thunder!), But you can get lightning without thunder. To see also : How lighting affects mood. Lightning can also be seen in nuclear eruptions on volcanoes, and in heavy snowstorms (“thunderstorms”).

How far is the bike without thunder? If you count the number of seconds between the lightning and the sound of thunder, then divide by 5, you get the distance in miles to the lightning: 5 seconds = 1 mile, 15 seconds = 3 miles, 0 seconds = too close. Remember that you need to be in a safe place while reading.

Is there a hot air balloon? The word hot lightning is often used to describe lightning from a distant thunderbolt that is too far away to see the flash of a cloud on the ground or the sound of thunder. Instead, the faint flash seen by the observer of light is reflected as it rises higher. …

How do you explain a storm?

storms, air emergencies, manifested in low barometric pressure, cloud cover, rain, strong winds, and possibly lightning and thunder. To see also : How do lightning happen.

What is a storm like? To feel a thunder is to feel the thickness of the air ahead, and the moisture on your face and hands over time. � Before the storm came I could feel strong. � The air is so full, it can’t move. … � Thunder, low and roaring like a kettle, pebbles, heralds the coming storm.

How would you describe a storm in a story? You can bring these effects into your narrative by using a monitor, a device that uses phonetics to match their meanings. For example, if thunder is noticeable in your story, the thunder can be a “thunder” or a “thunder,” it can “touch” the rain. windows ”and can“ speed up ”the wind on a field.