Cleaning service. This should include welcome and introductions and any apologies for the absence. Consideration must also be given to the approval of previous acts, and matters arising therefrom which are not dealt with in other items on the agenda.

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What is the meaning of house keeping?

What is the meaning of house keeping?

1. countless noun. Cleaning is the work and organization involved in running a home, including shopping and cleaning. I thought cooking and cleaning were easy and unimportant tasks. See the article : What is a housekeeping job. Synonyms: household management, homemaking [USA], home economy, housewifery More synonyms for housekeeping.

What is the significance of cleaning in the hotel? Cleaning means performing all the tasks of cleaning, maintaining order, and managing a home or commercial property. In the case of hotels, the cleaning tasks consist of keeping the hotel in the best possible condition in terms of cleanliness and keeping it in a highly desirable environment.

What are the 2 types of cleaning? There are two types of cleaning: institutional and domestic. Institutional cleaning is the maintenance that is done on commercial accommodation buildings such as hotels, resorts and inns.